These Systems convey wastewater from your home to the regional wastewater treatment facility. Unlike a gravity connection, Low Pressure Sewers use a small pump station located at each house to move wastewater through the transmission system. Low pressure sewers are installed where gravity sewers are not cost effective or feasible, and have been effectively used by LRD for over 25 years.
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Wastewater from throughout your home flows by gravity into the Collection Tank. Floats in the Collection Tank send signal to Control Panel to turn on Grinder Pump. Grinder pump macerates and pumps wastewater through the low pressure force main (pipe) on your property to the low pressure force main in the public right-of-way. Ultimately, wastewater is transmitted to the LRD’s regional wastewater treatment facility.
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Your toilet is not a trash can. Please do not flush the following:
  • Paper towels or disposable cleaning rags
  • Grease or cooking oil
  • Diapers or feminine hygiene products
  • Medication or cat litter
  • Dental floss
  • Cigarette butts
  • Coffee grounds or egg shells
  • Plastic, rubber, metal or glass of any kind
  • Cloth of any kind
  • String of any kind
  • Q-Tips
  • Bones
*If your LPSS system is damaged through negligence, you will be charged for time and materials needed to make repairs.
*You must provide access to LRD staff, so we can perform routine preventative maintenance. If your property is gated, please provide access information to the Loxahatchee River District Operations Department at 561-747-5709.
*Do not plant trees or shrubs within ten feet of the LPSS to minimize the potential of roots infiltrating the system and blocking the flow of wastewater from your home.
*Do not allow vehicles or heavy machinery to drive over or near any of the LPSS features.
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Red Alarm & Light
If you notice the red light and/or alarm on a low pressure sewer system, please notify the LRD immediately by calling 561-747-5708. This phone line is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Periodically a LRD employee will perform routine and/or preventative maintenance on the LPSS if you have executed a Maintenance Agreement with LRD.
If you see something out of the ordinary or in need of repair, please call 561-747-5709 and inform our customer service representative.
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Loss of Power
Please limit indoor water use during a prolonged power outage. If your home is served by a Low Pressure Sewer System and you have lost power at your home for an extended period (over 24 hours), please call 561-747-5708 to schedule a pump out of your unit once the weather has improved. During extended power outages (e.g., following a severe hurricane) LRD staff and contractors use mobile generators to visit and pump down affected Low Pressure Sewer Systems every 2-3 days.
Suggested ways to minimize indoor water use: (1) Use a dishpan to wash dishes, then dispose of the water outside on the lawn; (2) Flush toilets only when necessary; (3) Take brief showers; and (4) Do not run your washing machine or dishwasher until power has been restored to your entire neighborhood.
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