Anticipated Sewering Costs

General Neighborhood Construction Information

Connection to the sanitary sewer system typically consists of 4 costs:

1. Connection (Capacity) Charge – this charge pays for the cost of the portion of the treatment facility and major transmission lines that will be used by your home. This is a one time charge that is based upon the number of toilets in your home and the year that your home was built.

Note: If you are looking for our rates for your quarterly wastewater bill, please see our Rates page.

Connection (Capacity) Charge

Toilets in Your Home

One-time Charge

Connection Charge Detail

1 Toilet



2 Toilets


3 Toilets


4 Toilets


Extra Toilets


Connection charge can be pre-paid at any time to avoid future rate increases.

*Homes built before 1981 cost $500.00 less.  Rates as of April 1, 2023

2. On-site Connection Cost – the homeowner is responsible for the cost of connecting the property to the service line that will be installed at the edge of the right-of-way. The property owner will contract with a plumber or may install the service line himself to abandon the septic tank. Proper permits must be obtained from the municipality or county.

3. Assessment – Upon completion of construction the total costs of construction are compiled and equally divided among all the properties served by this project. The Loxahatchee River District will pay 10% of the cost. The assessment will be determined after construction is completed and property owner will be notified of the amount and payment procedures. The non-ad valorem assessment will be placed upon the property tax bill and paid over 20 years.

4. Quarterly Service Charge – Once your home is connected to the regional wastewater system or after the one-year connection period, you will receive a sewer bill every three months.  For more information, see the customer service section.